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Elegant, luxury accommodation Great Ocean Road has a new home…..ELUX

Nurturing both luxurious holiday homes and discerning guests, we introduce ELUX accommodation to you as your Luxury Accommodation Great Ocean Road concierge. Move beyond the faceless world of online travel agents and deal with a professional, local and most importantly contactable representative. We recognise that boutique luxury accommodation escapes demand a level of service beyond clicking ‘confirm’. All ELUX enquiry is nurtured to ensure the perfect fit. Every ELUX guest is offered a meet and greet on arrival and all ELUX luxury accommodation Great Ocean Road clients have 24hr support.  Five-star service hand in hand with elegant and luxurious coastal holiday homes. A match made in heaven.

ELUX extends the entire Great Ocean Road and offers a point of difference in both our luxury homes and services. Our properties are not necessarily cutting edge, although some are every bit, nor are they towering mansions. What defines an ELUX property is elegance, luxury and the ability to offer unique experiences. This may come in the form of a ozone treated illuminated indoor pool or curling up in front of an open fire built into an 8-metre sandstone wall. ELUX offers experiences, you make the lasting memories.

Our service befits our product. We want to know about you. We understand some people want a private chef, others just want privacy. Some want bells and whistles on arrival, others are happy with a Wi-Fi password. That’s what we do. We find out about you.


Your journey starts now. Tell us what you love. We will do the rest.